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Have you been looking into getting a fence for your dog?  There are many different options available so here are a few reasons why we recommend Dog Guard Underground Fencing.

#1 Affordability- Underground electronic dog fences are much more affordable than traditional fencing. Traditional fencing can be extremely costly, especially if you have acreage. Underground fencing can give you the ability to give your dogs much more space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fence.

#2 Flexibility- Underground dog fences can often be installed in ways and places that traditional fences cannot. If you need a flower bed fenced off, to cross a driveway, or to keep your dog away from livestock, an underground fence can accomplish this with ease and without obstructing your views.

#3 Effectiveness- Traditional fencing has its limitations when it comes to containing your dog.  They can be climbed over, dug under, chewed through, etc.  Forgetful children can leave gates open.  All of these put your dog at risk of getting lost or hit by a car.  Dog Guard Underground Fencing has a 100% containment guarantee.  Dogs learn quickly where their boundaries are, and can be easily contained with an underground fence when other fencing has failed.

#4 Upkeep- Wrought Iron fences rust, wooden fences need painted and stained, and chainlink fences bend, warp, and are often unsightly.  Underground dog fences are maintenance free!

Underground pet fences are the most reliable way to keep your dog contained in the yard!